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My midnight riders blue or blurple
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These lures are my night time go-tos.  It seems like the darker it is, the better they work.  They are eight inches long without the tail, and about four ounces.  Each one is through-wired with a high quality stainless steel lip, 4x Owner hooks and a durable secret finish.  Each will have about ten hours work, and will be signed, dated and cataloged.  They are the best performing and most beautiful hand made plugs ever. $50.00 each plus s&h

The bruiser- everybodys favorite
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I can't say enough about this plug.  It started out as a collector, but its performance keeps it out of the case. The picture's worth a thousand words. This is what the big slobs want. Eight inches without tail. Four ounces of pure frenzy. $50.00 plus s&h

Gold lippers
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When people see these lures their first words are, "These are to beautiful to swim."  The truth is they swim much better then they could ever look.  No top water cedar made by anyone can out produce these.  End of story! 6 inches without the tail, 2.50 ounces, you pick the colors. One of a kinds are easy. $40.00 plus s&h

Bullit proof Z lippers-The champs of bulldogging
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These lures are how it all started.  Time tested, tuned and tweaked.  Snack size at six inches.  It kills me when I have to part with any of them.  It's like having to give away your puppies.  You just hope that they are going to a good home.