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A nice fire with your tequila sunrise?
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Tequila sunrise is a very successful first light color choice.  It's a special day when you can be on the beach at first light.  This plug has special memories for many people.  The flame jobs are sought after by the collectors.  I don't know if they fish with them, but they definitely catch attention.  These are the first ones people focus on at the shows.  Plugs are gold lip-ers, 6inches, 3.5 ounces $40.00 plus s&h

How bout them Florida gators
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I made this one for a very special coach.  For some reason it has become very popular this year.  What are your team colors?

More gold lippers
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When I get out of my truck and walk towards the water, I bring no plug bag with me. The only plug I walk onto the beach with is the chartreuse one in this picture. It's my all time leading favorite.  If this plug does not catch them, they are not there.  Gold lip-ers, 6 inches, 2.5 ounces.  $40.00 plus s&h

In memory of bear
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                                                                                                   Oh yea, did I mention
that each lure was tested
and thoroughly inspected?